Welcome to our blog where you can check out the artists exhibiting at Art at St Dunstan's.
This Bucks Art Weeks exhibition showcases a group of established artists and makers in beautiful, medieval St Dunstan's in Monks Risborough.

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Chris’s ceramics reflect her love of making and her enjoyment in exploring form, texture and colour.

For the Heritage jugs and pots, she makes plaster moulds from her collection of old pewter ware and then casts in porcelain. The firing and glazing process highlights the etched decoration which, faded on the worn pewter, now comes to the fore. This collection brings a contemporary feel to traditional pieces.

Other work is either hand built or thrown on the wheel. It might be textured with natural or found objects from wild flowers to lace, or decorated with hand-drawn images or paper cut stencils and slips.

Chris describes her style as calm and understated, showing the best of the qualities of the porcelain she uses. Her work is tactile, functional and has a strength which belies its delicateness.

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